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Firewalking has to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life.... Read More

Polar Plunge 2023

Okay, so we cheated a little this year. It was a warm sunny day on this January 1st. Hey, it’s Texas. Sometimes it is sleeting and below freezing. Sometimes it is sunny and 75 degrees. Regardless, we still jumped! I was planning for about a dozen people to show up. I was blown away by...... Read More

For the Love of Lamb

So yesterday morning I got a phone call from my daughter. Her lamb wasn’t doing well (a pity since his is name is Well). Quick backstory: he went to the vet the day before because he has been prolapsing. That means, his whole butt falls out of his hole. The vet tucked his insides in...... Read More

Harvest Full Moon Meditation Paddle

On Monday night we celebrate the Harvest Full Moon with a paddle meditation, just days before the fall equinox. It felt like a warm summer day, but the water was cool and refreshing. We paddled against a strong breeze and anchored in for a time of meditation as the sun hit the horizon. The following...... Read More

Sturgeon Full Moon Meditation Paddle

The Sturgeon Full Moon paddle meditation brought healing and uplifting vibes. As we paddled out we practiced a “walking on water” mediation. Then we paddled out to get a great view of the sunset. Red roses were handed out. And as the sun set and the lake became quiet the meditation time continued. We set...... Read More

Strawberry Full Moon Meditation Paddle

Strawberry full moon vibes. Meditation. Friendship. Adventure. Romance. Celebration. The sunset was beautiful… and that moonrise was captivating. But the connection felt with these souls, together with nature, fills my heart with so much joy and love. A friend of mine surprised his adventurous wife with a memorable evening on the water and they both...... Read More

Flower Full Moon Eclipse Meditation Paddle

A small group of Gemini’s gathered to celebrate a flower full moon eclipse with a meditation paddle on Lake Grapevine. We enjoyed a quiet meditative paddle out of the cove – like a walking meditation, only we were walking on water. We sat and floated as we watched the sunset. The sky turn a beautiful...... Read More

Loc Journey, Next Step

Took the next step in my hair journey... and I’m loving this look. Half dreads, half braids with a lot of attitude woven in.... Read More

Come As You Are Retreat

Let me share a story with you... a couple years ago I met some ladies at an aerial silks class. They were fun and I followed them on Instagram. A month or so ago one of them posted something about a retreat. I messaged her... wondering how much it would cost. I was shocked how affordable it was, and jumped on the waiting the list.... Read More

New and Different Sun

“The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”... Read More