A friend sent me a message the other day… there are all articles about dating a goddess and being a single goddess. But how do you break up like a goddess?

Okay, I’ve got this. 

It’s not easy, but if it were then anyone could do it, but we are goddesses, so we do the hard the hard things with grace and make them look easy, even if on the inside we are at war with our emotions. 

breaking up like a goddess

What we say:

“I like you. I like you a lot. I’ve connected with you at a soulful level.”

Because if a goddess is going to date to someone, it takes a deep connection to keep our interest. If he hasn’t captivated our soul, then we would have walked away before now and without any struggle.

“But I deserve better than this.”

And walk away. 

You are a goddess after all. The only reason you are struggling with this situation is because you are connected with another soul. But deep down you aren’t happy with how things are going. You do deserve better. So walk away and open yourself up to what you are truly worthy of.

The struggle comes when we miss the connection. When we remember the good times, the happy moments. But the truth is, that if there were enough of those happy moments, we would have been happy and wouldn’t have had to leave. 

So write down all the things that he did that you found unacceptable, all the moments when he left you questioning yourself, his shortcomings. 

I mean, let’s face it. When we start dating we focus on all their positive characteristics, their possibilities, all the things we like. We focus on those as we fly past the red flags because of that connection we feel.

When you start to miss him, miss that connection, read that list. And be encouraged that there is someone else out there who will treat you better, who love you like the goddess you are. 

And even if you don’t find someone else, at least you’ll know that you’re better off loving yourself – and that’s better than being with someone who doesn’t truly love you.