The first thing on my list to do this year was take an aerial silks class. I had found a place to take a class, so it was just a matter of picking a date and going for it!

11041823_10206009356452594_5489695494563531598_nI messaged a friend I thought might be interested in joining me. She was in! So we picked a date and registered.

I posted on Facebook about my excitement to fly into this adventure. I was surprised that a couple other friends/acquaintances wanted to come along. I suggested they register early and it was on! I had three friends signed up for a silks class, this was going to be fun!

Katie and I have been friends on Facebook, though we had never met before. She had seen an aerial silks performance on Americas Got Talent or a similar reality show and she wanted to learn. When she saw my post, she jumped on the opportunity to pursue her dream. For the next two weeks we talked about the upcoming class, talked about area competitions we would attend and eventually compete. And as her excitement grew, mine grew for her.

Time seemed to almost stand still and I thought that Thursday silks class would never arrive. During this time, I attended a networking event for business. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes… there in one of the rooms was a girl hanging from silks! Now this was my kind of networking event! I started a conversation with the guy next to the silks performer. I mentioned I was taking my first silks class in a couple weeks. As it turned out, he was in the class I was going to be taking! We quickly became friends and I think he was more excited for me to join his class than I was!

Everyone around me is excited about this experience!

Time to Fly!

Learning to fly!!! Love this!!! I'm addicted. #mermaid #silks #aerial #aerialsilks

Learning to fly!!! Love this!!! I’m addicted. #mermaid #silks #aerial #aerialsilks

The warm up was a killer, even for me! I was a little worried about my friends, but we all survived… And it was time to fly! We paired off and started with some basic conditioning moves. We learned how to climb. All I’ll say is that climbing silks is much more challenging than climbing a pole. But I was determined to get to the top (and by the end of the night I did).

Once we got that out of the way, it was time for the fun stuff. The tricks. I was surprised how we all were off the ground on the first night. We learned three moves: the mermaid, teardrop, and gazelle.

And as excited as I was to be flying… I was more excited to be sharing the adventure with friends. The smiles on their faces were priceless to me.

Adventures are great. Helping others launch their adventure is even more rewarding. And while I have a few more things of my own I want to do this year, I think my bigger focus will be to help others find new adventures for their lives.