2024 Vision Board Party

The Experience:

Start manifesting into 2024 goals starting TODAY!!! Come join this fun, motivational experience, and set the stage for growth! Invite a friend or two! Food, Drinks, and Desserts will be provided!

What is a vision board?
First starting to decide what you really want for your life. Then placing it onto A Vision Board which is a tool that thousands of people across the world use successfully as a guide for them to do whatever they plan to do in life.

A visual representation of all your expected goals for the year laid out on a board. “Bringing your Vision to life” and “Speak it into existence”.

Things to think about prior to the event:
What goals do you want to achieve in the year to come. Relationships, Savings, Budgeting, Business, Traveling, Hobbies, Career Path etc…

December 13th | $45 | Keller, Texas

Given the intimate setting and conversations we’ll have, there are limited spots available.

vision board party