Stand Up Paddleboard Adventure with Andra

Go on a guided Stand Up Paddleboard Adventure on Lake Grapevine! Here’s what you need to know:

What’s Included:

All the equipment you require to get on the water! A board, a paddle, and a pfd (personal floatation device – like a life vest). Of course, if you have your own equipment, you are welcome to bring it.

If it is your first time to SUP, then you will get a short lesson the shore, followed by additional guidance once we get on the water. Over a full two-hour guided adventure on the water you will learn tips to improve your paddling technique.

The Adventure:

You decide the type of adventure you want. Want to just casually paddle and explore new places? Are you looking to go the distance? Maybe paddle to an island for a picnic? Yes, we can totally do that! Are you looking for a workout? We can pick up the pace and I can help you make your paddling experience a full-body workout. Just ask! Or maybe you want to meditate, breathe the fresh air, and be mesmerized by the way the light dances on the water right before the sun turns the sky into a beautiful piece of art. It’s your choice!

***If you would like to inquire about a time not offered on my calendar, please text me to request a specific time/date. My calendar has lots of flexibility and I work to accommodate everyone as much as possible.

My Fees

A deposit payment of $50 is made at the time of booking. Balance will paid at time of event. My fee is $75 for the first person, $55 for additional persons. Cash, Cashapp, PayPal, and Venmo accepted. *If you have your own equipment, mention that at booking and I’ll provide a discount towards the balance.

No refunds offered for cancellations with less than 12 hours notice. In the case of bad weather, we will work to reschedule your adventure as soon as possible.

Stand Up Paddle Adventure

About Me:

I started paddle boarding in the summer of 2014. I was instantly addicted to being on the water. I spent most of that summer at the lake. SUP Yoga, SUP Racing, and just paddling for fun. I have taken several paddle classes to help hone-in my own skills, but I am a natural teacher, passing this knowledge on to others. In 2021 I became PaddleFit Certified and have even more skills to share with those wanting to improve their technique or just feel more confident about getting on the water by themselves.

I would love to share a paddle experience with you. I have learned that SUP can be relaxing and enjoyable, meditative, and also a full-body workout. You can explore new places. Enjoy what nature has to offer. But my most favorite, is watching the beautiful sunsets.

Join me at DFW Surf Grapevine for a sunset tour on Friday and Sunday nights from May-September.

PaddleFit Cert CORE 2021