Learn to Skateboard with Andra

Learn to skateboard… let me help you get on a board and learn the basics and then take your your skateboard adventure to new levels!

Skate Lesson Structure:

I do 2-3 lessons. First lesson is really more of an assessment and making sure basic skills are covered: pushing, stance, stopping, falling… if those are solid we move quickly to Lesson 2: rolling down banks, rolling fakie (or backwards), and getting prepared to learn the first tricks. I also start helping the skater get acclimated to a park setting during this time. Skate park etiquette is a BIG deal! Third lesson is really focused on: local park obstacles, what tricks to start learning, how to progress, and connecting to the locals at the park – who will really take over as free teachers to continue the progression.

My Skate Lessons Philosophy:

I never paid anyone to teach me to skate, so at first I had a really hard time understanding why one would pay someone to teach them to skate when the skate parks are full of free “teachers”. But, I also had someone that introduced me to skating, helped me understand all those things that I teach in my lessons. The biggest barrier I think most people have is really just the intimidation of walking up to a park full of people who know what they are doing. So my goal in teaching is to really help acclimate someone to their local park so they can continue to progress without having to pay for it.

Safety Gear and Liability

I don’t have a policy on safety gear. Skaters must understand the dangerous nature of the sport and are always at their own risk of injury. If a parent requires helmet and/or pads, I will require it. I started skating at 41yo and wore all the safety gear available, but now I don’t typically wear anything unless I am doing something really scary.

My Fees

I charge $50 for 1-hour focused session. I recommend staying and working on the skills for a second hour (at least). I charge $25 to extend to a second hour, where I will hang around that second hour to skate and continue to check-in and coach and assist with progression and encouragement.

Learn to skateboard

Local Parks Include:

Learn to skateboard at the following list of parks at no extra charge:

Lessons at the following parks require a small donation to my gas fund:

  • Arlington
  • Irving
  • Grand Prairie
  • Lewisville