A little while back I accepted a Self-Love Challenge. It was a 21-Day challenge, each day writing 3 things you loved about yourself. To be honest, the first few days weren’t too challenging. But by the start of the second week… well, knowing I couldn’t repeat anything, the challenge really set in. 

And yeah, there’s one day where you’ll see I wrote 4 things. That’s because a couple days later I realized that I had repeated something. So my punishment was to replace that one thing with two more. 

A note from the original challenge said this: “Because an wounded inner child wreaks havoc in our lives in all ways and is one of the greatest saboteurs that keeps us from moving ahead, if he/she feels unsafe and unloved inside.”

It’s easy to pick out the things we don’t like about ourselves. We all know we need to eat better, drink more water, exercise more consistently. By doing this, we only kill our own spirits. 

This was a great exercise for me, especially on the heals of heartbreak and depression. It’s an exercise that I will probably repeat a couple times a year going forward. I was reluctant to publish my list at first… but I’m stepping out and letting the world know that there are (at least) 64 things I love about myself. If you’re going to do this challenge, I would encourage you not to peak at my list. I don’t want to influence you or help you cheat. 

Day 1

  1. I love my hair
  2. I love my desire to help others
  3. I love my energy

Day 2

  1. I love my adventurous spirit… how I can find adventure in a simple trip to Walmart. 
  2. I love my courage…. to try new things, new foods, new experiences, new people, new tricks, new sports, new places. Often times by myself. 
  3. I love my high pain tolerance. Pain (or the fear of it) doesn’t stop me. In fact, I love that I almost welcome it. 

Day 3

  1. I love my strong want for community and for everyone to get along and support each other and not be competitive to a point fracturing the greater group. 
  2. I love my desire to grow and become stronger. 
  3. I love how skinny I looked last night at my pole/floorworknand chair class. 

Day 4

  1. I love my authenticity – that I feel free to be myself. 
  2. I love the way I process my feelings. 
  3. I love my eyes. 

Day 5

  1. I love my creativity!
  2. I love my imagination. 
  3. I love that I work hard, especially when part of a team where everyone is busting ass! Like today doing yard work and working on the ramp. I’m in there working and sweating, along with “commanding my army”. 

Day 6

  1. I love that I speak truth. That I struggle to lie or mislead anyone. 
  2. I love my understanding of technology and how to use it, and how to hack it. 
  3. I love how I dream about businesses I would start if I had the means as I drive down the street and see vacant buildings. 

Day 7

  1. I love my photographic memory. That I can see where things are in my head and then locate them in real life. I’m not as good as I was when I was younger, but it’s still very much a skill!
  2. I love my wetness. 💦💦 
  3. I love my independent spirit. That I go do and get what I want. That being alone doesn’t stop me. 

Day 8

  1. I love my ability to solve puzzles. 🧩 
  2. I love how passionate I am. 
  3. I love my positivity. 

Day 9

  1. I love how I can work through difficult situations, process them, before acting out and making things even worse. 
  2. I love how my heart burns for justice. 
  3. I love my scars. They tell great stories about my wild spirit. 

Day 10

  1. I love my care-free attitude and go-with-it spirit. 
  2. I love that I can solve my own problems. 
  3. I love that I don’t have to give a fuck about the haters and that I can choose to accept the love from those who love me. It took me a minute to find that “idgaf” today. But when I did, I loved myself for it! 

Day 11

  1. I love how patient I can be. 
  2. I love how I see the world and the people in it. 
  3. I love my ideas!!

Day 12

  1. I love my sense of humor. 
  2. I love my my ability to love and get along with all different groups. And to remain neutral when dealing with two enemies who are both my friends. 
  3. I love my boldness. 

Day 13

  1. I love my singleness
  2. I love how I kiss
  3. I love my lips

Day 14

  1. I love my determination!
  2. I love my voice. 
  3. I love my ability to juggle multiple deadlines and projects!!

Day 15

  1. I love my tattoos
  2. I love that i am a daydreamer
  3. I love how I inspire others. 

Day 16

  1. I love my barefootedness
  2. I love my mom voice
  3. I love my spirituality. 

Day 17

  1. I love my empathic nature
  2. I love my natural understanding of technology. 
  3. I love my confidence… even when I’m not feeling very confident. 

Day 18

  1. I love how my smile makes me feel
  2. I love my ability choreograph movement
  3. I love that I can listen to the same song over and over and over without growing tired of the song. 

Day 19

  1. I love my wit
  2. I love my inner voice
  3. I love my balance. 

Day 20

  1. I love my skin color 
  2. I love my braids
  3. I love my friendliness
  4. I love my uniqueness

Day 21

  1. I love my smile.
  2. I love my ability to keep secrets and act like nothing has happened.
  3. I love that I am able to comfort myself when sadness overcomes me.


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