I had high hopes that 2016 would be mythical. And in some ways it really was. I can’t overlook all the highpoints. But recent events have me feeling like 2016 was a bit of a letdown too. 

I will choose to focus on the great accomplishments of the year. Those things that have let me down, the areas where I have failed; I will focus on those areas as goals for 2017. 

My year started off with a new New Year tradition of a polar plunge with my DFW Surf family. It was one of my greatest regrets of 2015, not jumping with the boys. It was such a great experience and I believe is the best way to start off a new year. 

I was working and dreaming of opening my pole studio. And while that journey did not quite play out as planned, it still happened. I have a pole studio! And there definitely is something magical that happens every time I teach a class. 

I continued competing in standup paddle races. Though because my attention had diverted to pole classes and wake surfing, my training and preparation was not where it had been the past two years. I wasn’t always happy with how I finished, but when I consider how little I trained this past year, I couldn’t beat myself up too bad.

I did accept the challenge to compete in a national wake surf competition. Preparing for this event was a lot of fun and I was beyond thrilled to take a place on the podium!

As summer began to fade, my focus transitioned more to the studio. I made a last-minute decision to perform at another studio’s event. Performing takes a different level of creativity, time, focus, and dedication. This definitely drives me and I am ready to put more energy to performing in the future!

And I started dating…. maybe the biggest mistake of 2016. I realize I still have a lot of old wounds – many of them cut back open by this experience. While I still came out ahead through this experience, I felt like it set me back a lot too. I could chose to stay and dwell in the hurts and disappointment, but I won’t. Chalk it up to a hard learning experience. Learn from it and grow. And then try again.

And while that relationship didn’t last…I did get to check a few things on my bucket list! I picked up skateboarding and I absolutely love it! Also learned how to play disc golf. I enjoy this as well, and will probably continue to play with friends. 

As 2016 ends on such a sour note, I am looking forward to 2017. It will be full of new adventures, new friends, new experiences, and absolutely positively NO REGRETS!