Usually between Christmas and New Year’s Day I spend a lot of time reflecting on the events of the past year. But this is year is different. I don’t want to reflect on the events of the past 12 months. Which is a little surprising since so many good things happened this year. But maybe it is because it was such a good year I am unwilling to accept that it is coming to an end?

The only thought that I am reflecting on is how I felt this time last year. I could not wait to close 2013 and leave it in the dust. I was resolute that 2014 was going to be a good year for me.

And a good year it was.

And rather than reflect on the accomplishments and memories of the past 12 months, I feel like looking ahead at the year to come and what new things I am planning to accomplish. I am determined to keep the adventure going!

Here is just a short list of what I have in store for 2015:

  • Take a silks class
  • Take a real beach vacation
  • Complete some home improvement projects
  • Compete in a SUP race in Florida
  • Launch an app, and maybe a new business

My only real resolution, though, is to find an adventure in every day. I found that this year. It changed my life.

find an adventure in every day